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The Cockapoo


Lottie is one-of-a-kind, she is a cute ball of fluff with a big attitude!

She loves a cuddle from the people she loves, but she takes no messing.

She can demolish a toy in a minute, but will always hide the special ones to play with later. 

Our Story


As a child I would find frogs and snails in my garden and keep them as pets for the rest of the day, as I grew up and became more responsible, lots of pets came in and out of my life including fish, rabbits, hamsters and a dog - Lottie, all of which have helped to build up my passion for animals.

In 2011 I began my degree in Animal Studies, it was during this degree I was able to expose myself to numerous area's of the animal sector. I was lucky enough to volunteer at a local Zoo, under-go work experience in a wildlife rescue in Cumbria, the local Aquarium and eventually gain my first animal based employed role as a Veterinary Auxiliary Nurse at a local veterinary surgery. 

I worked as an auxiliary vet nurse for a year and a half then took some time out to live and travel in Australia. It was my time here that inspired me to set up Lottie's Lodge. I worked in a doggy daycare and groomers during my time there which enabled me to see a different and very enjoyable side to pet care...


When I returned back to the UK after the most amazing, challenging and unforgettable 15 months of my life, I was lucky enough to re-gain my job at the vets. Once again, I was doing the thing I loved the most - caring for a variety of animals. However, I knew it was time to take the plunge and start my own business, so I gained further knowledge by undertaking my Level 3 Dog Grooming qualification and from this Lottie's Lodge was created.. a business where every dog is loved and cared for as though they are my own whilst providing the highest quality grooms and services, using only the best, most natural products.

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