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Natural & Positive

dog grooming

We know all about the amazing health benefits that come from Mother Nature, but did you know these benefits are the same for your dog?

At Lottie's Lodge, we love all things natural and so our grooming products only contain natural ingredients, good for your dog and the environment!


Welcome to Lottie's Lodge, we are a pet service provider to the people and animals of North Wales and Chester. Our current services include one-to-one dog grooming, walking and pet visits. 


We, at Lottie's Lodge are focused on providing pets of all shapes, sizes and personalities a safe environment where they can be pampered, play, relax and exercise using positive, force free techniques to encourage them to be more healthy, social and active animals. At the same time, this provides you with a reliable, convenient service and a peace-of-mind while you go about your daily business. 

Chloe & Lottie understand humans can lead very busy lives but want the best care for their beloved pets and so Lottie's Lodge was created to encourage happy animals and happy humans! 

Please take a read of Chloe and Lottie's story here, check out the services we provide and get in touch, We'd love to hear from you!

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